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Elite athletes transitioning to business Athletes Transitioning, transition your elite mindset into business   . Private Coaching, empower your focus skill for sstained Peak Performance thinking, personal transformation   Targeted Thinking Now Corporate Coaching Corporate Coaching, sustain Peak Performance thinking when it matters, 60% of workforce procrastinates


  LPGA Champion, World Ranking

- The individual who goes through
  a treatment facility will pick up
  a lot of knowledge and skills,
  but most of the learning needs
  to occur during normal everyday
  Recovery Life Coaching

- $10M earnings plus endorsement
  millions, PGA Champion John Daly
  in his addiction gambled
  away $55M

- 17.6 million, or one in 12 adults,
  in the U.S. abuse alcohol or are
  chronic alcoholics according to the
  estimation of National Institute
  on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism

- 60% of NFL players are divorced
  within three years after leaving
  the game

- $50M earnings WNBA Star Sheryl
  Swoopes bankrupt debts of  
  $750K due to vulture agent
  and lawyers

- One out of every 7 people
  experience debilitating stress in
  the work place.

- 43% of Americans suffer from
  panic attacks.

- Over 15% of U.S. workers report
  being impaired by alcohol at work
  at least one time during the past
  year, and 9% of workers reported
  being hung-over at work.

  Frone MR. Prevalence and distribution of
  alcohol use in the workplace: a U.S.
  national survey.
  J Stud Alcohol 2006;67:147-56

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Rise Above The Burn Interview, Lou Donero with Penny Pulz Interview with Penny Pulz, Lou Dondero's compelling stories of World Class Athletes, Today's Top Coaches, Olympians and Sports Professionals!

First Steps - From Pro Sports to Business Life

This has been disastrous!Today's dilemma for the retiring professional athlete is the transition process.

  • 78% of NFL players are bankrupt or serious financial stress.
  • 60% to 80% of pro athletes divorce at some point in their lifetimes.
  • Addiction to pain killers, steroids and alcohol are serious problems
    for all sports organizations

The transitional career demands for the professional athlete
can cause:

  • physical, emotional and spiritual unrest
  • anxiety
  • sense of loss
  • stress
  • dissonance
  • addictive behaviors?
  • depression

As an athlete, you have been thinking one way for 20 plus years.

Then ... BAMB ... you have to change your thinking instantly.

It is like falling off a cliff and there are no familiar landmarks to see because everything is racing and nothing is making any sense to you intuitively. 

New Life Old Life







Is this YOU in Transition?

  • Every day you feel the conflict, do you stay and keep playing or … do you go … what will you do?
  • There is no win to grind out anymore because your tank is empty.
  • You over try, you know better, but the injuries are piling up.
  • You are full of excuses and blame.
  • You are over using coaches, give me an answer ... this has to be something very physical.
  • I can figure this out ...
  • You feel like your mind is on fire and about to explode. 
  • You are reacting from emotions, your emotions are running you.
  • In this moment you have lost reality of what you can do and what you cannot do.
  • If you can’t shut your mind down in the next 5 minutes you're going to explode.
  • You feel like a walking nerve ending.
  • Should you stay or should you go?
  • How do you go?  ... Where do you go?

I promise you. You can experience relief from this chaos.
There is a path to follow.
I did it and it was not complicated and overwhelming.

You will probably think I am full of BS when I say "it is a fun and fulfillig journey"

Combined with a little ‘kickass' ...  'grind it out' work from you
to shorten the First Steps - From Pro Sports to Business Life
you will enter your new work life facing the transition challenges
with confidence; cool and calm under fire while acquiring
new skills to become a prolific achiever once again.


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