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What I know for certain.
Recovery Addiction Coach
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Coach Penny Pulz supports your sober side while your addict side screams gimme! If you don’t have a sober side, you will be dead. I guess you want to live?

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Athlete Addiction Recovery|Use your elite mindset to transition to addiction recovery the same as when every moment is devoted to sport skills.
   Transition your elite mindset into recovery. Athlete Transition Coaching Penny Pulz, Recovery Addiction Life Coach Penny Pulz, Professional Speaker



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Recovery Life Coach, Penny Pulz, builds a continous recovery life style

  • a continuous recovery lifestyle
  • manage your emotions at work and home
  • overcome stress
  • and make more money


Penny was still suffering from panic attacks, migraines and ADHD mayhem 23 years into continuous recovery!!!


No Druges .. No Side Effects

In 4 fast months ... Free at last!  Recovery living.   read more

What does a professional athlete and  person with addiction behaviors have in common?

  They like to do everything over the top and big!

Penny went from a top 10 golfer in the world to owning her Golf and Neuroscience Academy; but she struggled for 10 long years in transition from pro sport to business. Today a successful coach!

What our clients are saying!
I feel like I have my sense of self back! Working this program, having Penny's guidance, has literally changed my brain. I feel in control of my life and how I respond to the world around me, my ability to manage stress/focus and prioritize at work has completely changed. I am so much more relaxed in my skin, I sleep better, I'm less irritable and able to stay in the moment to enjoy it rather than worry about what's next.   Tracy L. Phoenix, AZ


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3 tips that will start you building your recovery brain channel!

Published by Penny Pulz | Feb 3, 2018      @FocusExpert

An addict in turmoil wrote:

I don’t feel sad, most the time I don’t feel anything at all but I have daily thoughts of deep loathing and Help! My head is going around and around!anxiety. I was doing awesome building my life up and being healthy until I was using cocaine and alcohol weekly. It’s now gotten out of control and every time I drink even one drink, I crave cocaine.

I want to do things but find myself hiding in my house all day,

read more




Addiction & Theology; Contemplation teaches how we see

Published by Penny Pulz | Jan 10, 2018      @FocusExpert

It allows us to see the truth of things in their wholeness. It is a mental discipline and a gift that detaches us—neurologically and spiritually—from the addiction of our habitual way of thinking, usually in our left brain, which likes to be in control.

Contemplative Consciousness
Learning to See  Wednesday, January 10, 2017

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to [us] as it is, infinite.??William Blake [1]

Contemplation is about seeing, but a kind of seeing that is much more than mere looking because it also includes recognizing?and thus?appreciating. The contemplative mind does not tell us what to see, but teaches us how?to see what we behold read more   Richard Rohr



Helping others. Crisis Text HotLine; Add to your contacts and share.

Published by Penny Pulz | Jan 1, 2018      @FocusExpert

Starting the 2018 new year off with helping others. Help others. Add to your contacts and share.  Knowing the Crisis Text HotLine 741741.   thank you Anthony! Happy New Year. Pen.


Those pesky New Year Resolutions are just plain stupid!

Published by Penny Pulz | Dec 31, 2017      @FocusExpert

A New Year's Resolution .. You wanna quit smoking! Somewhere in all of us, we believe deep inside our web of hope that magic happens on New Year’s Day.

My Shrine to quit smoking, I made it 3 months prior to New Years Day. No magic in New Year's Resolutions!The reality of New Year’s Day is that it feels the same as any other day; you light up a cigarette again after a short self-talk that new year’s resolutions are stupid. You start with ‘I am stupid’ on your first day of the new year.

I quit smoking by starting my New Year’s resolution recovery addiction plan 3 months prior to January 1. read more





What’s your 'trust stick' recovery addiction team in the new year?

Published by Penny Pulz | Dec 30, 2017      @FocusExpert

You are excited! New Year!
You spring up the wall halfway … and then your team supports your climb to the top!

2018 ... all our dreams come true?

In the Cinderella part of my brain today, in 2018 I will magically have money grow on my magic tree then we can visit our families in Scotland and Aussie whenever we want.

When I was 13, the Cinderella part of my Aussie brain wanted to come to America to play golf on the LPGA tour. I did that! One practice ball after another.

I work with people whose Cinderella part of their brain says, “When I get clean, I am going to do … this and that and this and that”. All big ideas. I quietly ask them, “What is the first step that would help you begin your journey and maybe I can support you working on that”. read more


This Kangaroo got me hopping on my work mindset plan.

My brains are seriously sluggish after all that yummy holiday eating. It’s tough to switch hats from holiday to be of service to others, your boss, your clients when you have had days of ‘me’ time. I love my ‘me time’.

My plan? I am off for a run with my wee Tillie, the pug. It’s a sniff, run, check out everybody’s business and then “c’mon Mum, let’s run again”. My perfect way to re-enter the work day.

At least this is a short week until 3 more days off!

The running endorphins will pump happy into my brains, quickening the mental mindset shift of ‘me time’ to ‘other’s time’! New year, here I come.



Talk to Someone

Published by Penny Pulz | Aug 28, 2017      @FocusExpert

I am honored to support those that need to be heard to find another path for life. Finding addiction recovery is a journey. In the quietness of my spirit, there is always hope. If not me, your family or someone ... please call 800.273.8255 and talk to the caring team hotline. email Penny

You can find you own path to addiction recovery, talk to someone.
Love, Pen


Suicide Prevention Hotline 800.273.8255

Neuroscience - Neurofeedback for Chemo Brain

Published by Penny Pulz | Feb 24, 2016 |               comments  @FocusExpert

Chemo Brain ReliefRelief from chemo brain?! Neurofeedback, unlike compensatory strategies currently recommended by the National Cancer Institute and other major cancer centers, has the potential to restore cognitive function. see chemo brian symptoms from Mayo clinic

A study tested women who had been treated with chemo for breast cancer. NeurOptimal neurofeedback, Zengar Institute's, press release stated that the neurofeedback stabilized the cognitive degradation experienced during chemotherapy. Actually, it reversed the cognitive losses, post chemo.

Colleague Jean Alvarez, a cancer survivor herself, of the Lake Erie Brain Performance Institute, Cleveland, Ohio, who designed and conducted this study, has stated that it may not be just the chemo that causes the side effects.   read more >>


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