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Meet Penny

“I love training focus. Train the brain to be balanced, flexible and fast. Just like a Pro Golfer's swing”.

Penny Pulz, training mental athletics
Sport & Business
Focus Expert

Penny, a native Australian with 2 LPGA golf wins, top 10 golf pro in the world, 2 Top 50 awards for teaching golf, has always followed her dreams.

Her family never played golf, but within 6 months of picking up a club she announced to her parents that she was going to the USA to become an LPGA golf pro.  She accomplished that goal in 7 years competing with the most elite golf professionals in the world for the next 18 years. 

When she retired from competition, Penny’s next goal was to find out how she won and then 3 short weeks later, be mentally in loser mode. "I had to find the answer to why I won, why I lost and how to win over and over again". Game on.

Why did Penny stay committed to finding an answer for winning over and over again?

Because she is a competitor, and if you are going to win you have to be a competitor. This is the way she thinks. And if you are not a competitor, you are going to spend a lot of time losing. Life is about losing and it’s also about winning. If you are going to be successful, your duty to your competitive self is to win more than you lose. I love to win, I hate losing and I love to win over and over again 

Penny discovered the answer, ahhhhh -- relieving stress, sleeping better, excelling in school, professional and daily life.

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