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About Penny

Who is Penny?

Who Is Penny? 

Penny Pulz, Certified Peer Support Specialist

National Certified Peer
Recovery Professional

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Penny's Recovery Bio

GolfWorld's feature article of recovery shaping Penny's professional career; Triumphs On and Off the Course

Founder & CEO
Focus Determines Success,
coaching strategies and tactics of thinking to switch your focus on demand to sustain productivity and manage stress.

Founder & CEO
Women Owning the Game of Business Golf
combining the strength of an executive professional woman with that of an Olympian/
professional sport woman learning golf together enhancing their business edge through golf.
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Founding Team Chair
at Trilogy Sports
where she helped profes-sional athletes transition from sport into business with a focus on adapting their competitive spirit into their new career path for dynamic results.   

Recovery Addiction Coach, Focus Expert, Speaker, Author

“Winning and losing is ultimately how we focus, not what we focus on.”

Penny Pulz has always been a thinker. Her naturally inquisitive mind, coupled with great ability to develop ideas and solutions, has enabled her to overcome huge personal and professional obstacles that would have defeated many. From how to become a winning TV talent to a leading LPGA golfer, sober woman for over 29 years, Penny appreciates the value to “see the simple, clearly”, a formula that has consistently delivered for her and now is the cornerstone of her highly successful focus recovery coaching for addiction, sport and business.

This ability to remain focused saw her leave her native Australia, at age 21, to play on the rapidly growing women´s golf tour in North America, winning 2 tournaments and ranking in the top 10 women golfers in the world. She took the lessons from almost 20 years at the top to launch a golf academy with a mental focus room, one of the first of its kind, measuring her success through the achievements of others.

More recently, her childlike enthusiasm and passion for managing her gift of brainpower saw her add a business element to her addiction recovery coaching, supporting athletes and executives in finding their own path to their addiction recovery.

The benefit? Make life fun - again.

A great builder of relationships, though often considered spirited or even sassy, Penny is not one to shy away from helping others to see how things are or can be. Working with clients using daily addiction recovery focus rituals seemed to be a natural extension from her own athletic daily mantra of “practice, practice, practice”.

Now living in Arizona, (though still attached to “Oz” through tales of kangaroo´s over vegemite breakfasts), you are just as likely to see Penny at a baseball game versus a golf course. Penny's playful spirit embraces kids and adults of all kinds, including teaching groups of incarcerated women, addiciton recovery and focus techniques at the Perryville Women's prison.

To learn more about Penny's thought-provoking strategies and practical day-to-day techniques to optimize your ability to focus on what counts in your life, send her a quick email and set up a time to chat.