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If Penny were a type of car, what car would she be?

Colleagues & clients said:

- 635CSI BMW, very classy full of pep and down right powerful

- Bright red 4X4 truck. Strong, capable, a bit flashy and bright, fun.

- Lexis-Quality

- automatic, don't want to have to spend time messing with a clutch

- A yellow VW Bug; classic, attention getting, zippy, with a bit of the

- I would say a Jaguar. She is sophisticated and powerful without being overly flashy or unrelatable.

- Mini Cooper - tough, fast and durable

Carol Salafrio
Arizona State Credit Union, Support Information Services Manager
Corporate Professional Speaking; Daily Focus Plan, Emotional Management

Working with Penny was a joy. From planning to presentation the process was easy and very professional. Penny really listened to the issues we had and put together a presentation that was targeted, interactive, and fun!

Our team members took away a better understanding of personalities of co-workers, effective multitasking, and handling change.

Here are some of our associate's comments after her presentation: Penny was energetic, funny, and knowledgeable. She was an engaging presenter. Super fun!

T. Lane
Recovery Life Coach: Daily Focus Game Plan, Recovery Coaching

I feel like I have my sense of self back! Working this program, having Penny's guidance has literally changed my brain. I feel in control of my life and how I respond to the world around me ... Before meeting with Penny, I had a very difficult time focusing/narrowing down the root issue of problems or difficult situations. I was easily frustrated with people and generally overwhelmed with my day to day
interactions and responsibilities. The Focus Determines Success program has helped my anxiety first and foremost; secondly, I do sleep better and no longer have a "heavy" mood. At work I have had people comment that I am "unflappable" despite what is happening around me that I always appear calm, and I know that the majority of the time, inside, I feel that way too!

I credit Neuroptimal for my sense of lightness, I no longer spend days feeling hopeless, depressed or anxious. I feel like I can handle whatever happens, I'm confident, my work is better, I'm no longer pulled in 100 directions because I feel like I'm processing things clearer mentally.

Catherine Lafee
Financial Advisor, Waddell & Reed Inc
Business Coaching: Smart Decisions Under the Gun, Penny's 10 Focus Steps, Daily Focus Plan

After spending 30 years on both Bay Street in Toronto and Wall Street in New York Coity as an Equity Trader, I moved to Arizona and began my new career as a Financial Advisor & Planner with Waddell & Reed. Although in the same industry, this has been a tremendous adjustment for me, not only because I am now working with individuals but in many ways it has been like starting over.

Penny helped me to understand my role as a financial coach with my clients, really learning to listen and being mindful of what they are saying and to guide them toward their goals. She brought awareness and appreciation of what my investment background offers to my clients and helped me regain my confidence in my abilities.

Penny has made a huge difference in how I am now approaching and working with my clients!

Shawn Lamb
Co-Ordinator of Prison initiative for Arouet Foundation
Arizona Department of Corrections, Perryville Prison

Life Recovery  Coaching: Daily Focus Game Plan

Hi Penny, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to facilitate our Wellness workshop. You were inspirational and instructional, you provided practical information the women could understand and apply immediately. You play a vital role in their successful transition.

K. McA
Recovery Life Coach: Daily Focus Game Plan, Recovery Coaching

As a recovery coach and leader, Penny Pulz coaches a simple, yet powerful method, for learning how to quiet your mind, focus on your objectives and execute your goals. Penny's methods are fresh and sustainable, no matter what challenges you are facing.

I am grateful to Penny, for coaching me in finding answers, for guiding me through her process to be the best I can be. The tools are available, and if you are willing, Penny Pulz coaches you right where you need to be to maximize and sustain your results. Penny is the ultimate recovery coach you never thought you needed, but will forever be grateful for. Reach out to Penny today and discover for yourself the destiny and greatness that awaits in the recovery lifestyle.

Dr. Linne Bourget, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.,
Economist, Positive Leadership Expert, Author, Fortune 10, 50, 100 Consultant
www.WhatYouSayIsWhat You
Speaking Engagement

Penny's speech was lively, fun, engaging, and insightful. It was a helpful reminder to take out the emotion at one point in the process, then re-enter it later in a different way!! Her 10 steps are very powerful!!"

William LaFollette
Lean Six Sigma MBB, CQE
Speaking Engagement/Workshop

I attended one of Penny's sessions and had a powerful take away. The mental vacation exercise .. awesome imagery, gave me a feeling of power, as if nothing can prevent me from acting on anything.

David Geier, President
Golf: Inside & Out - Institute of Integral Golf
Smart Decisions Under the Gun, Penny's 10 Focus Steps, Transitioning

"Two-time LPGA winner and business coach Penny Pulz has provided golfers, parents, business owners and professionals with a detailed road-map for experiencing greater success in golf, business, and life. The title of her new book is "10 Step Focus to Win Plan." Penny's 10-Step Plan is unique become it takes the reader beyond the technical "hard skills" of golf or business. "10 Step Focus to Win Plan" is about the inner path of self management and can be enjoyed by readers from teens to CEO's. Learn Penny's 10 Steps and begin seeing your personal and business successes and wins grow."

Pete Kruse, CEO/Owner
AVI Roofing INC
Corporate Coaching: Smart Decisions Under the Gun, Penny's 10 Focus Steps, Daily Focus Game Plan

I am well prepared today, and even if it didn't hail, we would make millions!

Dr Les Fehmi, Ph.D.
Princeton BioFeedback Testimonial

Open Focus, Smart Decisions Under the Gun, Penny's 10 Focus Steps, Daily Focus Game Plan

Penny Pulz brings a combination of strengths to her coaching: She is an established golf professional, a skilled practitioner of Open Focus? training, and possesses a dynamic personality. I was impressed with the subtlety of her understanding of my work and with her ability to package her skills using Open Focus? into an athletic styled focus program that is effective, fun, and so well received.

Andia Winslow, CEO/Owner, professional athlete
The Fit Cycle
New York City, NY

Athlete Transition Coaching: Daily Focus Game Plan, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

I am fast-twitch person, in every regard. Thinking. Moving. Fast! I have long struggled to manage the speed at which thoughts race through my mind. ... While on a cross-country flight, thoughts were flowing seamlessly and I simply recorded them one-by-one. I was not overwhelmed by the excitement of the "detail flood" because it was an orderly one. I just worked as fast as I could to plainly label and prioritize themes and schedules. Never before had such a session been rejuvenating in this way.

Never before had such a session lasted 4 hours. In those moments I was in control of myself without exerting control. A welcomed gift to myself, from myself.

April Steiner Bennett
Olympian & Professional Pole Vaulter
Athletes Transitioning



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