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Penny Pulz's 10 Step Focus to Win Plan
$20.00 inclusive
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10 Step Focus to Win Plan, an athletic approach to learning more     order now

This book shows you step by step how to bring out your best effort to succeed in business and athletics.

"Two-time LPGA winner and business coach Penny Pulz has provided golfers, parents, business owners and professionals with a detailed road-map for experiencing greater success in golf, business, and life. The title of her new book is "Focus Determines Success." Penny's 10-Step Plan is unique become it takes the reader beyond the technical "hard skills" of golf or business. "Focus Determines Success" is about the inner path of self management and can be enjoyed by readers from teens to CEO's. Learn Penny's 10 Steps and begin seeing your personal and business successes and wins grow."  David Geier, President;  Golf: Inside & Out - Institute of Integral Golf



A Jr Golfer's First Handbook, Penny Pulz
$15.00  inclusive
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A Junior Golfer's First Training Book -- A Parent's Guide to Teaching Their Junior    order now

When I began to communicate golf to the minds and bodies of young people, junior golfers; I knew my job was to make it fun. That's first things first - have fun, which is my nature; and that young junior golfers had to experience being successful. For my students to be successful, my task was to see the complexity of golf and to create a way to communicate the fundamentals of the game that simply; in very simple ways and words.

Parents or any adult who loves this game and wants to pass on to their jr golfer how to love this game will find in this book the role they need to assume to achieve helping the jr learn and to have fun with their jr golfer. My book encourages the adult and the junior to work together as a team to learn.

"Penny, Thank you sooo much for a wonderful first lesson for Joshua. I love the atmosphere you have created for the students ... I was so touched that the other kids were helping Joshua out after class and giving him pointers! He is excited to return, unfortunately, he'll have to wait a couple weeks as we have a family service project we're taking part in with our neighborhood friends, packing food for families in third world countries. We'll look forward to seeing you both on March 9th!  Thanks again for sharing all of your energy, warmth, dedication and knowledge!"   Carla and Mark Carlson, parents of Joshua