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Arizona State Credit Union
-De-stressing multi-tasking
-Emotional manager
-Positive team talk for
  upcoming change

high energy, uninhibited wit and life-changing insights ... Penny delivers a memorable message with takeaways to apply immediately. 

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What kind of breakfast cereal would Penny be?
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- Wheaties...the breakfast of champions

- Kashi Crunch because it is a healthy choice and has a lot of texture just like Pen.

- Rice Krispies; Snap, Crackle and Pop. With Penny you get sizzle along with content and substance.

- Rice Krispies; she snap, crackle and pops with energy, but not too sweet.

- Rice krispies; snap, crackle, pop -- been around a long time, a great product but the tag line says it all, snap, crackle, pop!

- Rice krispies, .. snap crackle and pop sugar.

- Rice Crispy; you have a bowl full of these, add milk and you have uncontrolled goodness in your bowl.

Penny provides a number of programs for audiences interested in learning strategies and tools to clear thinking and better performance when it matters.

Her programs relate to all humans and all of our challenges. But by sharing her decades of research and knowledge about the mind and how it works, and sharing her successes in overcoming tremendous obstacles, you will learn how to arm yourself with an important set of thinking tools that will enable you to better focus, better function, and manage the stressors in life with ease.    Press info


Penny will meet with your organizers, and/or leadership for a brief discovery meeting and subsequently provide a customized program, tailoring her message to your teams. She focuses her message to help them better manage their workloads, improve performance, remain balanced, focused and engaged, while continually striving to be a valuable asset to the organization.

Addiction Recovery

Penny has 20+ years and counting of continuous recovery from addiction. Her stories of transitioning the principles of athletics with your personal addiction recovery path has energized addicts through laughter, motivation to stay inquisitive in discovering the ‘happy’ in being perfectly imperfect while becoming wildly successful in reaching their goals.

Organizations and Sports Teams

As a world-class athlete for more than two decades, Penny is no stranger to fame, stress, and competition. She has worked with some of the top athletes in the world. And with her years of training both in the discipline of athletics and the function of focused thinking, she can help teams understand the simple focus toolset for Peak Performance thinking to effectively compete and sustain winning over time.

Contact Penny, a brief message indicating your interest and she will respond to you promptly ... begin a conversation!  Press info

 What our clients are saying!

Penny really listened to the issues we had and put together a presentation that was targeted, interactive, and fun! Our team members took away a better understanding of personalities of co-workers, effective multitasking, and handling change. Here are some of our associate's comments after her presentation: Penny was energetic, funny, and knowledgeable. She was an engaging presenter. Super fun!
Carol Salafrio
Arizona State Credit Union, Support Information Services Manager

"Penny's speech was lively, fun, engaging, and insightful. It was a helpful reminder to take out the emotion at one point in the process, then re-enter it later in a different way!! Her 10 steps are very powerful!!"
Dr. Linne Bourget, M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
Economist, Positive Leadership Expert, Author, Fortune 10, 50, 100 Consultant

"I attended one of Penny's sessions and had a powerful take away. The mental vacation exercise .. awesome imagery, gave me a feeling of power, as if nothing can prevent me from acting on anything." William LaFollette;  Lean Six Sigma MBB, CQE

"Working with Penny is really an enjoyable experience. She tailors her program's to meet your individual or organizational needs and will surprise you with her insight and humor!"  Joan Peterson, CEO   Calibray Motion