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The Power of Business Golf

Valuable Relationships Happen on the Golf Course

Business is about building trusted relationships. The most successful executives are those who have strong interpersonal skills and can leverage sports to build trust, camaraderie and respect. The good news, the average business golfer shoots around 100. It is not about the number you shoot on the golf course, it's about the business golf number you receive after the game.

Just look at what the leaders in business are saying about Business Golf.

"Many of the best entrepreneurs I know are not only great golfers; they are avidly skilled at the art of advancing a business relationship or even closing a deal during golf."   Forbes Magazine  1/24/2013

"It may be a canard that more deals are struck on the golf course than in any other venue."   Businessweek 4/5/2012

"Golf teaches you about a person's reactions in adversity, how they deal competitively with situations because with golf there is such an easy mechanism to take advantage of the rules," Rynecki writes. "I'm not worried about their skills as a player, but rather how they conduct themselves, as golf, like business and life, will test you in a multitude of ways."    Inc., 6/6/2011

"Intriguingly, a recent study found that bosses who don't play golf are paid 17% less on average than those who do. Could this be because the qualities that make a good golfer a mixture of hyper-competitiveness with strategic thinking and coolness under fire .. also make for a good chief executive?"
The Economist, 11/21/11

"Golf isn't merely a leisure sport. It's the martini lunch of the modern workforce, the buoyant venue where business gets done." 7/2/2008

If you said yes to any of these questions above,
learning business golf is an inexpensive and effective way of making powerful connections that translate to business growth.

April Steiner Bennett
Olympian & Professional Pole Vaulter
more video testimonials "Women Owning the Game of Business Golf"



If you want to break into the boy's club, the odds are good. Only 23% of golfers are women-- so four times out of five you'll stand out as the only women in the group. That's great odds.
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What You Will Learn About Business Golf

Learn the game, get better at the game, get comfortable with the game!
Penny has designed a fun, interactive program that helps you master all aspects of the game.

Here are some key areas that are covered:


"I attended one of Penny's Women's Business Golf events and met and trained alongside the most amazing Olympians, learned a lot about golf equipment, and enjoyed the golf activities she organized. I would love to do it again."  
Christine Temple-Wolfe  Owner, Excel in Marketing  3/19/2014

"Great day on the green! I learned the fundamentals of golf, met great people and feel more comfortable toplay the game adn use the business and networking tips give."
Mechelle Freeman, Track & Field 2007 Pan American Double Silver Medalist, 2007 World Champion, 2008 Olympian in Beijing

"Thank you for opening my eyes to a new world of business and way of doing business! I can't thank you enough fro showing me how to H.O.D (hit on demand)!"  Target thinking Now! 
Candee Woods, CEO/Founder of Candi-Lu Boutique Bakery/Table Design Elements


Penny provides Business Golf Events which includes a four-hour activity at a local course with executives and top athletes throughout the Phoenix Valley. If you would like an event in your area, contact Penny now.