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Athletes Transitioning | Interview 'Rise Above the Burn'

Penny Pulz Interviewed by Lou Dondero; Rise Above the Burn
Compelling stories of World Class Athletes, Todays Top Coaches, Olympians and Sports Professionals! .... Interview with Penny Pulz

Work with a retired professional athlete who has walked your transition.

Transition your mindset with a like minded athlete; one who has become a full time professinal business woman.

From 2 time LPGA Champion, Ranked Top 10 in the World, Top 50 Teaching Professional to a successful business owner, speaker, author.
Each coaching program is tailored to your needs.

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Compelling questions with insightful answers.

An athlete's life is centered on talent, skill building, performing, and
pursuing consistent training to attain peak performance over and over
again. A mindset reflected in goal oriented thinking which is schedule
driven by time and effort.

Are you questioning your future, is your future questioning you? 
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You may not be in the gym, on the track, on the golf course in peak performance but you will be in implementing your peak performance
thinking in your business world.

It's Time To Get Moving!

Each coaching program is tailored to your needs. 
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Targeted Thinking NOW
Penny provides personalized programs that empower you to excel
in the focus skill of sustained Peak Performance thinking? More importantly, your business life and personal life will be filled with
more laughter, plus a sense of personal pride in your strong
achievements over time.

Wouldn’t you take advantage of that?


10 Step Focus to Win Plan
This program lays out Penny's 10-Step Focus to Win Plan that
she used to become a champion golfer. These same steps she
uses today in her business. You will learn how to strategize your
goal without emotion, make those clutch decisions under pressure
and deliver positive results consistently.


The Power of Business Golf
Valuable relationships happen on the golf course. Learn the game, get better at the game, get comfortable with the game and watch your sales grow. Penny’s team offers group training for your golf swing and on-course golf etiquette to ensure success in building those valuable business relationships for today and into the future.