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Recovery Addiction Life Coach

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Penny's Recovery Bio

Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSP)
. Peer Support Care after addiction   treatment.
. 30-60 day support
. Real life issues with real life   recovery support
. Apply your sober self in recovery   tactics in your daily life

National Certified Peer Recovery
Professional  (NCPRP)

GolfWorld's feature article ofGolfWorld_PennyPlz  recovery shaping Penny's professional career;Triumphs On and Off the Course

What is a Recovery Coach?   WiKipdia

-  In 2012, an estimated 23.1 million
   Americans aged 12 and older
   needed treatment for substance

-  Addressing the impact of
   substance use alone is estimated
   to cost Americans more than $600
   billion each year.

- By 2020, Substance and mental
  use disorders will surpass all
  physical diseases as a major cause
  of disability worldwide.

- Long term success in recovery
  depends on continuous abstinence,
  peer support, community and
  mental health wellness.

Clients utilizing Penny's programs are individuals who may have been through treatment centers and/or recovery groups; LifeRing®, SMART Recovery® or 12 step programs.

Consistently managing what was unmanageable.

Your addiction masked any uncomfortable moment of pain. What was your favorite quip?  "F#ck it!"

Probablity of Relapse

What would it mean if we saw things from another perspective?

Is this You in Recovery today?

Penny's drinking career started at age 13; the first drink led to her first drunk and she blamed the orange juice for throwing up.


Her emotions were unmanageable, her chaotic nerves created panic attacks, migraines, mood swings -- after she attained addiction recovery.

She was one big hot mess for years in recovery.

There is another way to shorten and manage with ease the unpredictable ride of life-on-life's terms without relapse. 

What would your life be like?

Recovery Addiction Life Coach Penny empowers you to manage your sober self leaving your addiction behaviors behind:

Your goal is to remain in recovery, manage anxiety and stress, build your life and make money.


Keep Your Recovery Moving    contact Penny today

Results will vary, and may not be typical for you.

What our clients are saying!

"I have better conflict resolution skills, my family life is better, calmer. At work I have had people comment that I am "unflappable" despite what is happening around me I always appear calm, and I know that the majority of the time, inside, I feel that way too! When I don't, I'm always able to get back on track mentally, instead of allowing things to spin out of control and ruining the day, for me, that's a big change."  T. Lane October 2016

"As a recovery coach and leader, Penny Pulz coaches a simple, yet powerful method, for learning how to quiet your mind, focus on your objectives and execute your goals. Penny's methods are fresh and sustainable, no matter what challenges you are facing.

I am grateful to Penny, for coaching me in finding answers, for guiding me through her process to be the best I can be. The tools are available, and if you are willing, Penny Pulz coaches you right where you need to be to maximize and sustain your results. Penny is the ultimate recovery coach you never thought you needed, but will forever be grateful for. Reach out to Penny today and discover for yourself the destiny and greatness that awaits in the recovery lifestyle. K. McA, Anonymous  August 2016