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Private Coaching


Today there are extraordinary requirements in balancing professional, personal lives and/or addictions.

There are physical, emotional and spiritual demands experienced every day which can cause stress, dissonance, addictive behaviors and anxiety.

Workplace demands including projects, people, schedules, and financial constraints.

You are switching hats constantly?
Being asked for your very best strategic thinking in a multitude of disciplines?

Seeking self-directed change?

Is this you at times in the day?   

What if you could have fun? Lighten up and make more money?

If you are letting your challenges own you, you can't be effective at anything.

Experience relief from the chaos in 30 seconds.

I provide personalized coaching packages based on your needs: business tactics, recovery -- managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors, targeted thinking now.

With a call to talk about your obstacles to achieve your wants and goals, I will help you with some small strategies and tactics that deliver big dividends.

Targeted thinking requires no additional time in your day, it requires no additional task in you day or adds time to your day.

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Managing your focus, not just time .... is the key to extraordinary results.

Daily Focus Game Plan
Penny provides personalized programs that empower you to excel in the focus skill of sustained Peak Performance thinking? More importantly, your business life and personal life will be filled with more laughter, plus a sense of personal pride in your strong achievements over time.
Wouldn’t you take advantage of that?


Smart Decisions Under the Gun, Penny's 10 Focus Steps
This program lays out Penny's 10 Focus Steps plan that she used to become a champion golfer. These same steps she uses today in her business. You will learn how to strategize your goal without emotion, make those clutch decisions under pressure and deliver positive results consistently.