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Reaching Youth, the Correctional Way                                                        read more Perryville Prison

Penny Pulz takes more than golf instruction into the juvenile detention facility. 

hitting net at full swing

Golf Instruction was incorporated into the regular recreation programs in the six-hour educational day at Adobe Mountain School, Black Canyon Secure Facility, Phoenix, Arizona; occurring twice yearly, spring and fall.

The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections operates and maintains one secure care juvenile corrections facility, Adobe Mountain School (AMS), for the custody, treatment, and education of committed youth.

Golf instruction was provided to a group of incarcerated young women affecting change in their behavior and their thinking so they may lead productive, meaningful lives as adults. 

As a professional golfer who has enjoyed a successful playing career, now through my career as a successful coach/trainer, I am able to give to others what I have learned and experienced through this wondrous game of golf. This opportunity of reaching young women who are far from the image of golf has been a gift to me.

Question to myself as a golfer:

golf instruction

How can this sport of golf be a vehicle to communicate to these young women?

Question to myself as a coach/trainer:

How do I create this vehicle? And what is the objective?

I created a peer-to-peer model in a highly constructive learning environment. Not only are girls acquiring athleticism, exercise and hands-on golf experience, they are also learning how think and to work as a team, serve as mentors/coaches and provide positive affirmation to each other through support, encouragement and enthusiasm.

These girls are learning the fundamentals of golf in conjunction with socialization skills and thinking patterns that will better serve them when they leave Black Canyon Secure Facility and reintegrate themselves into family and the public school system.


Golf Instruction -- incarcerated young women at the Black Canyon Secure Facility, Phoenix, AZ

A correction facility for youth, Adobe Mountain Juvenile Justice Department; girls up to the age of 18. 

Through an outreach program of Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, Girl Scouts USA, approximately 45 young women participated in a three-day per week golf clinic; scheduled twice yearly. This was an on-going program for 5 years. 


The 3 Day Clinic Objective:

Bring the sport of golf to these girls to build:  Self-esteem

- Confidence in their thinking and focus
- Discipline, both mental and physical

Within the facility along with great cooperation of their personnel, we brought in hitting nets, putting mats, practice balls, clubs, gloves, instructional junior golf books, etiquette and rules posters ... in short, we created a golf training facility on the recreational field at Black Canyon School. 

These daily sessions worked in sections or "short bursts" to accommodate short term attention and were highly motivated presentations to combat many of the personalities being depressed and/or angry.

Penny helping with a swing

Day 1 Objective: 

Communication/Team Building:
introduce sport, golf game skills and etiquette

Results:  coach/player teams promoted team building and interaction of:

1.  positive instruction to on another 
2.  positive feedback to each other (i.e.; proper posture, proper swing
     path, proper aim to target, proper grip

full swing

Day 2 Objective: 

Golf Skill Building/targeted thinking: 

embrace how to work with their emotions, how to work with mistakes

Results:  apply physical and emotional control

learning rules & etiquette

Day 3 Objective: 

Enjoy new golf skill: assimilating a game of golf with rules and etiquette

Results:  experience an interaction of strategic thinking and sport through a game of golf; scores and awards. A moment of positive results!

end of training session,
a few participants
leaving the field