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Corporate Coaching

How does an elite athlete prepare their focus and attention to execute performance at the moment when it is demanded of them?

It's their ability to manage, adapt and sustain peak performance thinking over time.

That same process of focus produces business agility.

The business climate it turns out is a lot like the weather, it changes; there is no pattern ... everything changes in days and months rather than years. Businesses are under more pressure than ever:

Time is Money ... Save Time, Save Money = Targeted Thinking Now

Today's business reality is that the fast velocity of the day does not allow for even a small time consuming break.

Yet .. More recent research recommends several breaks throughout the work day to disconnect or de-stress; take a walk, read a book, even use a treadmill simultaneously while working.

Breaks take time, time is money! No time for that!


Managing your focus, not just time ... is the key to extraordinary results.

Daily Focus Game Plan Coaching

The most critical resource we have is our focus. Penny suffered with migraines and panic attacks for 14 years after her golf career ended. She realized without the thinking system she used on tour she would never get out of this debilitating cycle and become a successful entrepreneur.

Program Takeaways:

Daily Focus Game Plan flows with your day not adding a task or activity to your day.

Manage, Adapt, Sustain Your Peak Performance Thinking ... More Productivity     Make Money

The strategies and tactics of thinking correlate to physical health and health related behaviors as they impact performance on the job.

Fresh healthy focus energy directly affects productivity and a general overall feeling of well being:    Saves Money

Executives Strive for the Same Performance Excellence as an Elite Athlete

Performing and sustaining performance thinking when it matters the most separates the executive mindset from the rest. Sustaining agile thinking creates mental energy that develops a results driven culture, avoids burnout and maintains a balanced personal life.

Penny is a national thought leader in teaching executives, business professionals, educators and athletes how to manage their thinking to switch their focus in the moment sustaining peak performance thinking to deal with life's changing demands every day.

Penny is committed to coaching sustainable Daily Focus Game Plan to develop and enhance business performance and productivity, alleviating stress and gaining better life balance.

Each program is tailored to meet you or your organizations unique needs.

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Daily Focus Game Plan
Penny provides personalized programs that empower you to excel in the focus skill of sustained Peak Performance thinking. More importantly, your business life and personal life will be filled with more laughter, plus a sense of personal pride in your strong achievements over time.
Wouldn't you take advantage of that?


10-Step Focus to Win Plan
This program lays out Penny's 10-Step Focus to Win Plan that she used to become a champion golfer. These same steps she uses today in her business. You will learn how to strategize your goal without emotion, make those clutch decisions under pressure and deliver positive results consistently.


The Power of Business Golf
Valuable relationships happen on the golf course. Learn the game, get better at the game, get comfortable with the game and watch your sales grow. Penny’s team offers group training for your golf swing and on-course businesss golf etiquette to ensure success in building those valuable business relationships for today and into the future.