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About Penny

Advisory Team

Over the last 20 years, Penny has worked with brilliant individuals in various fields of brain study including neurofeedback training, Brain Gym™, Binaural sounds applications, Open Focus™ to name just a few of her studies. This team of distinguished practitioners has provided incredible insight for Penny and her team to share that knowledge with others in need of better focus and clear, effective thinking.


Dr Les Fehmi

Les Fehmi, Ph.D.
For four decades, Dr. Les Fehmi has been a leader in brainwave biofeedback, training individuals how to balance and regulate their attention and focus patterns to improve mental, emotional, and physical health. Quoting Dr Fehmi, "I specialize in multi-channel, phase synchrony neurofeedback and the developer of OPEN FOCUS™ training. Anything worth doing is worth doing effortlessly."

Penny Pulz with Dr Les Fehmi
Dr. Les Fehmi & Penny Pulz at Dr. Fehmi's Princeton Biofeedback Centre

Dr. Les Fehmi is one of the pioneers in brain-mind biofeedback; he is the Director of the Princeton Biofeedback Centre, LLC, located in Princeton, New Jersey. Penny completed study with Dr Femhi in 2010 at The Princeton Biofeedback Centre.

Penny is a certified trainer in his Open Focus technique and now is Dr Femhi's frequently called upon expert participating in his Open Focus teleseminars.




Alan Bachers, Ph.D.
Director at Neurofeedback Foundation
Springfield, Massachusetts

Dr. Bachers is an expert in neurofeedback training, which he comfortingly describes as helping the brain learn how to calibrate itself. He suggests that this training accelerates the process of getting into meditative or other desirable mental states, and can possibly help a medicated brain learn to function without medication.  Dr. Bachers has become a Penny's colleague pursuing how neurofeedback improves the quality of life.




The Zengar Institute is a partner facilitating NeurOptimal® neurofeedback. Valdeane W. Brown, Ph.D. Founder, Director, President and Susan Cheshire Dermit Brown, Ph.D. Founder, Director, Senior Vice-President; developers and co-creators of NeurOptimal® as well as husband and wife. Dr. Susan Brown's role in the conceptualization, co-development and evolution of NeurOptimal® has been strongly tied to her belief that personal change does not have to be effortful to be effective and permanent, and much of her work has been to ensure that NeurOptimal® is not only safe and effective. Dr. Val Brown, his vision in bringing NeurOptimal® to the world is to make personal transformation effortless and available to all.

The Zengar Institute provides continuing educational seminars, doctors, practioners worldwide who are available to assist and provide consulting, answer questions or give their experience testimony.




June Schwertfager
Principal Developer

Ms Schwertfager has been with Penny Pulz LLC for more than 15 years as a partner building the business of Focus Determines Success. Today, as a Certified Zengar Trainer, she facilitates the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system of Zengar Institute. Bringing a wealth of experience in production, procedural practices, IT knowledge and organizational skills; June has been instrumental in the foundation, development and evolving practices of the business.




Amy Hagar  
Marketing/Production Consultant

Ms Hagar has worked globally for 25 years with major pharmaceutical companies, participating in all aspects of product development, launching, sales, team development, and marketing. Amy has served as a consultant, promoter and ally from the beginning of Penny's Focus Determines Success platform. Her corporate insight and experience brings her valuable focus to Penny's products.





Terry Pochert
Connert Media, Inc.

Mr. Pochert has been a collaborator and supporter with Penny Pulz LLC since relocating from Michigan to Arizona where he completed a career with Channel Seven of Detroit. Terry is an accomplished business and IT commodity; his business encompasses web development, database engineering, document management and video streaming technologies; Connert Media, Inc. - Delivering News and Press Content, Media Research, Aerospace and Internet Business Solutions.