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Penny Pulz, LPGA Champion, golf coach, mental athletic coach, professional speaker, entrepreneur

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Penny Pulz, Certified Peer Support Specialist

National Certified Peer
Recovery Professional

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

GolfWorld's feature article of recovery shaping Penny's professional career; Triumphs On and Off the Course

She has been a featured article in World News and Report concerning focus
issues. Penny consults to professional executives, attorneys, business
owners, non-profits as well as thousands of individuals and athletes.

She has addressed Arizona State University Sports Physiology classes, taught anger management and focus tactics in a juvenile detention center, mentored incarcerated women at Perryville Prison with her Targeted Thinking Now, has studied neuroscience for 25 years.

Penny is a leading inspirational speaker and personal recovery addiction life coach supporting those seeking recovery and those in recovery to better cope with life's extraordinary demands -- while striving for their recovery goals.

More specifically, Penny is a national thought leader in coaching business professionals, executives and athletes how to manage their addictive thinking to switch their focus in the moment sustaining peak performance thinking to deal with the volatile and competitive world of business and juggling how to reduce or stop their addictions ... where everything changes in days and months rather than years, exactly the same as her daily golf competitions.

Penny is a two-time LPGA Champion and ranked a Top 10 Golfer in the World. With an accomplished, 18-year LPGA playing career and a successful coaching career. Penny is also a successful business owner and visionary who has spent years researching the root causes of physical and emotional performance failures due to addictive thinking that causes an individual's inability to focus when it counts.

To learn more about Penny's thought-provoking strategies to switch your addictive thinking using practical day-to-day techniques to focus on what counts in your life,
send her a quick email and set up a time to chat. 
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Penny provides a number of programs for audiences interested in learning strategies and tools to clear thinking and better performance when it matters; corporate, recovery, organizations and sports.   read more